What Is a Photo Blanket?

What Is a Photo Blanket?

A photo blanket is a rectangular-shaped piece of fabric displaying images, pictures, or designs often bounded on the edges. They can be used as a blanket or decorative objects. Historically, photo blankets were made of thick cloth portraying people, objects, and symbols to tell a story or reveal a historical occasion or phenomena. A photo blanket has a great historical background from ancient times up to modern times. There has been a great evolution that has greatly increased the quality and the designs of the photo blankets ranging from the materials used to the art and creativity. In the past, people or communities used photo blankets as a form of communication through storytelling, honoring the dead, and also a well-respected form of communication. In ancient times, people used to dye and batik to create patterns and pictures. Therefore, throughout history, photo blankets have been a great and major fundamental way of communication, decoration, tradition, and forms of gifting and celebration. In modern times, photo blankets can be customized and also increase the use of computers and other technological forms for advancement. People now customize the photo blankets to depict an event or holiday, favorite pet, favorite celebrity, or favorite football player or club.



Blankets come out smaller than a bedspread, but are big enough to cover your whole body. Photo blankets come in a variety of sizes, which is enough to comfortably cover one person on the couch or provide enough floor cover for a two-person picnic. Blanket sizes are not standardized like mattress sizes, but they still usually fall into a set range of measurements. Many blankets are designed for being used on top of a bed so it’s common to find they come in the bed sizes, including twin, queen or king. The exact size of the blanket may vary, although they are usually at least a few inches wider and longer than the matching bed size.



  1. Preserve the memories of your family.

The photograph blanket is one way that you can preserve the memories of your family. The blanket can serve as a memorial of the happy times you shared as a child. It may even be used by older family members as well, to remind them of some of the special moments they had with you. This is especially useful when you have recently lost someone.

  1. Honor the memory of someone who has passed away.

You can use a photo blanket to honor the memory of someone who has passed away. Often, they will give you a picture as a remembrance of the person who passed away. You can have a photo printed on this blanket to create a keepsake of the deceased. This is another reason why many people will use these blankets when they have a recent loss. It makes a wonderful keepsake and can be placed on sofa or bed.

  1. Honor your pets.

A photo blanket can also be a touching pet memorial gift. What better way to honor a pet that is no longer with you than something you can keep forever? Our Custom Pet Portrait Blanket is the best choice.

  1. Home decor.

You can also use a photo blanket as an attractive, decorative accessory on a nightstand or in a bedroom. This blanket can make a wonderful addition to any room decorating theme. Give your home an extra personal touch with a wall tapestry featuring your warmest memories.

A lovely warm designed blankets with personalized photos will be great gifts to your friends, relatives, or wife/ husband, as well as souvenirs for various anniversaries, festival or special occasions, such as housewarming, birthdays, weddings, graduation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Easter. You can create a photo blanket that highlights all your favorites memories and times you spent together and use it as a gift. You can be sure of the appreciation and acceptance of the generous gift. It’s natural for human beings to love gifts that will remind them of their favorite memories and time they happily spent. A photo blanket is an amazing-size-fits-all gift for nearly any occasion or the person you wish to gift. A custom photo blanket is easy to design for any meaningful present and it all depends on your creativity.



You can customize a photo blanket in photo collage style or full-size photo style. For photo collage style, you can upload several photos, choose background color and input greetings or wishes to create something unique that you’ll appreciate for years to come. Create a photo blanket collage that highlights all of your favorite memories and times you have spent with your family or friends or partner. The possibilities for this thoughtfulness gift are truly endless. For full size photo style, you only need to upload one photo and the whole photo will be printed on blanket.


Fabric type:

With plenty of different varieties of blankets in the market, right from heavyweight woolen ones to super lightweight microfiber ones, you are bound to find one that suits you perfectly. While heavy blankets are ideal for super chilly winter nights, a light fleece blanket works well for moderate to low chilly weather. It is also the ideal option for wrapping yourself up on the couch or sofa. There are several common blanket fabrics, all with their own selling points:


Flannel: ideal for spring, autumn & outdoor. Flannel is typically designed to help insulate heat, keeping you warm, despite its fairly loose weave, which helps to keep it a relatively lighter single layer fabric. This is an extra warm, cozy, super soft, fuzzy, and breathable blanket. Made using 100% polyester microfiber construction with an ultra soft flannel fleece feel. No matter when you watch your favorite TV series on couch on chilly weather, or when you have a comfy nap in your work dest, or when you enjoy the happy hours with your friends outdoor in the windy weather, it can always be your perfect companion. it will keep you warm while provide you with a soft and silky touching. The fluffy and breathable material, make it light enough for warm climates and warm enough for cold. One blanket can bring you comfort and cozy all year long, one blanket can make you enjoy the taste of living.


Sherpa: ideal for winter & indoor. A Sherpa blanket is a double layer blanket made from sherpa fabric, designed to look and feel like wool from a sheep. It is often known as faux sheepskin. Named after the Sherpa people in Nepal, the fabric is warmer than other fleece fabrics. Making it great at keeping out the cold. Blankets made from Sherpa fleece are cozy and warm, with one added benefit not found in many other blankets. They are incredibly lightweight. A Sherpa blanket lacks the heaviness of wool and yet is thicker than other fleece blankets. Having both these amazing qualities make Sherpa blankets hard to beat for warmth, comfort, and practicality. Sherpa has featured a flannel side that displays your favorite photos partnered with a soft sherpa fleece backing on the opposite side.


Minky Dot: ideal for baby & kid. Minky fabric is a special type of plush fabric that is 100% polyester and is often used to make baby blankets, baby clothing and baby accessories. Keep your baby warm and cozy with minky dot blanket. These baby blankets are extremely soft & cozy for carrying your bundle of joy home, or for using in a crib, playpen, car seat, stroller or in your arms. This gorgeous blanket is a double layer blanket, which has raised dots on one side and is soft and smooth on the other. Each blanket is plush and warm to keep baby cozy, yet is light and breathable so baby doesn’t get too hot.


Photos bring memories to life, and personalized photo blankets allow you to add unforgettable memories to functional pieces of home decor, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece for your home. Custom photo blanket creates a talking point for your guests when they visit and allows you to stay on trend with the latest colors and designs.

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